Philosophy for (Absolute) Beginners

As an undergraduate at university, I had to take a few classes in philosophy though it was never something that gripped me completely. However, a few years back, as I grew disillusioned with certain things in my life, I came to find that philosophy provided me with the perfect platform to gain a new intellectual start and a fresh perspective in general. It has been something of a process learning on my own, but one that I love and appreciate more and more each day. In what follows you will find a few resources that I found useful and would like to recommend to the person only starting out in philosophy.


Sophie’s World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy (Jostein Gaarder) [SA | Intl]

The Complete Philosophy Files: What’s it all about? (Stephen Law) [SA | Intl]

A Little History of Philosophy (Nigel Warburton) [SA | Intl]

The Great Philosophers: The Lives and Ideas of History’s Greatest Thinkers (Stephen Law) [SA | Intl]

Philosophy: The Essential Study Guide (Nigel Warburton) [SA | Intl]


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Philosophy Bites (Also consider the “Philosophy Bites” books if you enjoy these discussions.)


Introduction to Philosophy (Coursera and The University of Edinburgh)

Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness (EdX and MIT)

Moralities of Everyday Life (Coursera and Yale) [This course has a greater focus on moral psychology though I found it helpful in understanding various ethical concepts that you also find in philosophical discourse.]